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My life with professional football player by Zuzana Mak

My life with professional football player by Zuzana Mak


   So many times I was thinking of writing about what an amazing life is with rich and handsome football player. Especially when I read those articles in our newspapers, which we all pay for(laughs) by the way. When you read all those nice comments addressed to the wife or a footballer or other sports men. I myself absolutely do not consider myself someone worthy to write about. Maybe one day I become a person who is interesting enough to be written about, but what can we do  do when our tabloids does not have no-one  or nothing to writhe about , so they write bullshits.


  I decided to write this article because I think there are plenty of women, mothers, partners, lovers and daughters ... and even if there are not, I hope this will open the eyes of at least one of you.


   I will write about my life, about my personal view of our "crazy fucking life" wives of my husbands colleagues call it:) Yes it's work like any other. You've been doing it since you were fifteen years old, and when you finish you're about thirty-five. Almost brought to a wheelchair, as my husband's used to say! So you have to think carefully about what you're going to do after your career that is dizzyingly fast and you have left hmm ... about forty years of life.


  I envy in good spirits, whose husbands mostly play in one club for life. We can’t say that because in the last five years we have lived in four countries and we were moving about seven times. You don’t have to, but I think every normal person to whom they would offer better salary conditions would be immediately withdrawn! Especially since I've already written this career is very fast you do not have time to think, wait and ...


  I want to write this article a little differently, so I will just ask you a few questions and you can answer them in your mind and then you will understand ... this is addressed to those who do not know what it takes, wives of athletes can quietly skip these questions: )




How many times have you moved in your life?

 Me: "Seven times."




You probably only have one household and you have lack of time?

Me: "I have two households (Yes, and I do not have any babysitters !!!) I only have a cleaning lady who helps me to keep the household clean, those who have little children exactly know what it is like. Mess in three seconds. And I have this lady for the first time in my life I've done it all by now. "




How many times a year do your friends or family?

Me: "Five times, maybe ?!"




Does your husband have a weekend?

Me: "I am alone with my children every weekend because my husband is having a match."




Do you have Christmas or New Year's Eve, Easter, Summer Holidays?

Me: "Yes we have, but it's only three weeks in the summer.




Does your husband sleep at home every day?

Me: "Sometimes there are 2 nights and 3days in week that he is away from town or country because of a match."




Can you imagine that you can not see your husband for two months?

Me : "We do not see each other in two months, and sometimes it is very demanding, especially in situations where I need him the most as support or if children are sick or have a difficult time, and so on… “




Was your husband at your children’s birth, graduations, the death of someone close ...?

Me: “Have a guess! No, because he was earning money. "




Did you answer the questions in your mind ?! And did we agree in some answers?




  Many people say, “She has three babysitters, servants, cleaning ladies, etc…” Yes, some families do have, but this is not our case we raise our children with my husband, we had babysitter in Russia but only for six months, mainly because of the language, thanks to her I learned Russian, it was amazing! Now we have only the lady who cares about the house and that is my greatest help! I can, cook, take care of the children, take them to school  and be with them and of course do what I enjoy ... :)


    The beginnings of the relationship were not always easy, because of the long distance, and of course my dad too, who was always very strict on me. He was afraid, what is understandable! He was also afraid that I would not finish the college. I had finished it with the report, and I was pregnant in the third year, and I think the little one has helped me! I did not have time for crap and I focused only on the little one and the school! I remember those times when we wanted to be with my husband for at least two days, pregnant with a dog, and I myself sat in the car and fumbled into Nuremberg, Germany, which wasn’t a short distance. Six hours in the car in the fifth month of pregnancy, in the dark, in the ugly, snowy or drifting weather. Just when you want to be with someone for a few hours you know to do it all.


  You know how my man was angry about me because of school that we can not be together, but that was my priority. Now he enjoys saying that his wife is a lawyer and not a shop assistant in a grocery store. I do not want to offend anybody! That was just an example.


  I think the worst of all this life style is change! Not changes for us ,but changes for kids! Whether it is the language barrier, cultural differences and traditions in a given country or just the change of environment itself!


  Robinko started speaking later, probably due to languages, because we often changed the country and it was too difficult for him to understand that language. He understands Russian, English, Greek and Slovak ... I take this as a big plus, and all the changes that can now be challenging. As it is said, “Everything bad is good for something! "Our children are never going to be  lost in the world, I know that already. It was also very difficult for me to find friends at first, because the language was also one of the obstacles, not to mention when I was at home with my children. The only rescue for me was my sister (Miška), who always helped me and came whenever it was necessary, whether I was sad or just missed girly and friendly atmosphere, but over time you will learn to be more profound and choose to a foreign world, even entirely alone. Still, I can not sit still at home, breaking up my little booth over time, which I love, life abroad has changed me and helped us to be less shameful and more prolific and self-sufficient. But now we are very happy where we live because we are in our beloved Greece, in our town where we have been living for the third year. So I'm used to being here, feeling very good, almost like at home. I hope this will be read by my husband and we will not go away in the summer again. Thanks to the fact that we live here in Greece, Miška and I started to build our own brand MAZUMIS inspired by their culture, environment, lifestyle and here born idea I hope you learned something new if you liked the article  you can look forward to another from Miška who will be telling you. about how we have established our own brand and what it all consists of. 

Sincerely, Zuzka Mak


  • Natalia

    Ako ste sa spoznali so svojim manzelom futbalistom ?

  • Simona Čikošová

    Ahoj Zuzka:) pises mi z duse..aj som sa zasmiala kolki toho mame spolocneho, ale to asi vacsina manzeliek profesionalnych sportovciv;) drahy je tiez futbalista..sice sme boli mimo SR len 3x a dcerka cestovala uz ako polrocna viem presne o com pises. Behom 1roka sme vystriedali skotsko, stahovali sa do talianska, teraz sme sice na SR ale v lete sa zas hlada novy klub. Je to o “hubu” ako sa hovori…a to sa nam este narodilo druhe babo:) nestazujem sa , je to zaujimavy zivot no s detmi je to predsa tazsie…no ako pises..nasa starsia sa tiez nestrati;) drzim palce, nech teda ostanete v grecku, vela stasticka a zdravia pre deticky a tebe pohodu a klidek;)

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